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Pastoral Transition at Victory

In March of 2021, Pastor Paul accepted a position to serve as an Associate Professor at The Pennsylvania State University, where he will serve in the Counselor Education program. While the transition of a founding pastor is significant, Victory Church has been built on the Truth of God’s Word. As such, we are poised and hopeful about this new season and the supernatural ways God will meet us at this point of transition.

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Our Pastoral Desire

We pray for a pastor who embodies I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. We pray for a pastor who will truly shepherd God’s flock. One whose motives are only to care well for those under their care. We pray for a pastor whose best sermon is their everyday life – how they care for those God has joined them to as family, how they live with integrity, how they treat their neighbor, and how they love well those that Charlottesville would consider “the least of these.”


And as Victory Church is a very relational community, we pray for a pastor who will be accessible. A pastor who will be vulnerable. And a pastor whose transparency and genuineness is never in question. And as a church committed to racial reconciliation, we pray for a pastor who is committed to centering the Gospel and its transformative and restorative power for a community with deep and historic divides.


We pray for a pastor whose vision of vertical and horizontal reconciliation includes a reliance on the Holy Spirit (and all the gifts, thereof), the relentless pursuit of justice, and the intentional focus on the needs of the marginalized such that it guides how we embody the church.

We imagine that our next pastor will:
  • Be ordained, or in position to be

  • Have pastoral experience

  • Lead our volunteer staff

  • Build on the team-based, pastor-led community

  • Establish processes in concert with volunteer staff to create additional avenues for leadership development for all

  • Build on church governance structure

  • Build pastoral relationships within our church, offering spiritual direction and guidance.

  • Lead with humility and hope

  • Connect with, submit as appropriate to, and receive support from Grace Covenant Church and Every Nation

  • Be a teacher who can communicate to diverse audiences

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