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For The Culture Week of Prayer & Fasting

August 14 - 18, 2023

​Join in our daily prayer calls at 6:30 - 6:45AM.

Call-in Number: 605-313-5988

Access Code: 5338414

We will end the week of fasting together at our final summer midweek meet-up at Forest Hills Park on Friday, August 18, 2023 from 5 - 7PM. Victory will provide drinks and heavy snacks. Feel free to bring dinner and join us in community together. 

What is Fasting?

  • Fasting is a time to temporarily set aside something good (primarily food), for something greater (primarily God). It is a spiritual discipline that helps us empty ourselves so that we can be re"illed and refreshed by God.


Why Should I Fast?

  • Jesus fasted (Matt 4:1-2). After His time of fasting, He was strengthened by the Spirit for the work of ministry. Fasting does the same for us. We are strengthened for our work as we draw close to God.


How Should I Prepare to Fast?

  • Pray - ask the Lord to lead you during the fast and give you guidance on the type of fast

  • Read - study Scriptures on fasting to build up your faith (Daniel 10:3, Esther 4:16, and Acts 13:2 are good places to start)

  • Decide - make a commitment before the fast begins and plan out each day

  • Discuss - talk through your plan with someone that can check in with you as you fast

  • Consult - if you have a diet sensitive condition, consult with your health professional before beginning a fast

What Are The Different Types of Fasts?

  • Water Fast - No food, water only.

  • Liquid Fast - No food, liquids only. This fast can do juice, broth, soup, etc.

  • Daniel Fast - This fast can do vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and water only. No meats or animal products (meat, eggs, fish, dairy), no sweets (added sugar and natural sweeteners like honey or agave), solid fats, yeast, caffeine, alcohol, additives, or processed foods.

  • Partial Fast - This fast is skipping a meal or two by fasting for a specific time period (ex. 6am-6pm).

  • Total Fast - No food. No water. This fast should only be done after consulting with a physician and after having serious confirmation from the Lord. Basically, if you haven’t seen a burning bush talking to you, pick a different fast.

  • Other Fasts - While food is the primary method of fasting, there are some who cannot do it based on a diet sensitivity. Other fasts include abstaining from social media, streaming platforms, news outlets, tv shows, or other things/activities that would take your time and attention away from God during the fast.


What Should I Do During the Fast?

  • Pray - pray during time that you would spend eating

  • Journal - write down the impressions that you get from the Lord so that you can refer to them later

  • Read - read the Scriptures and devotionals and work through the fasting guide provided

  • Call - join the prayer call each morning at 6:30am


How Should I End the Fast?

  • Thank God for how He showed up during the fast, the things that He taught you, and the intimacy that was produced.

  • Slowly begin adding food back into your diet over the next few days.

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